Introduction of Dr. Koide

reaf Dr. Koide

A medical doctor/researcher, who had been doing basic research in academia, and contributed new drug development at several pharmaceutical companies, was shocked by the effect of YNSA for his own frozen shoulder.  Then he decided to work on this very unique acupuncture.

graduated from Nagasaki University School of Medicine (M.D.)

completed Graduate School at Kobe University (Ph.D. in biochemistry)

Researcher at McMaster University, University of British Columbia

Clinical Development Physician, Head of Clinical Pharmacology, Head of R&D at several pharmaceutical companies including Merck and Pfizer

Training and research for complementary medicine including YNSA, researcher at University of Tokyo

Private practitioner specialized in YNSA

Dr.Toshikatsu Yamamoto and Dr.Koide
Dr.Toshikatsu Yamamoto (right) and Dr.Koide

Western medicine was developed by identifying the mechanism of disease, and various medications were identified with proven mechanism of action.  It can provide cure to many diseases.  On the other hand, all drugs are poison.  Some has serious side effects, which could influence on QOL of patients.  Also it is pointed out that in many cases too many medications are prescribed to each patient, which are often more than necessary.

A medical doctor who has been doing basic research on mechanism of disease, and developed new drugs, has decided to practice YNSA to treat patients in order to introduce the beauty of YNSA to many people as a new treatment option.

Frozen shoulder and neck stiffness are disorder which has limited treatment option at orthopedics clinic.  People with such disorder could have limitation in daily life.  YNSA will help you.  As this is scalp acupuncture, you can work or do household duties while on treatment.

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