Fee for treatment

60000 yen (plus consumption tax) for regular visit:  Needles will stay for about 2 hours during which detailed medical counseling will be done

30000 yen (plus consumption tax) for short visit:  For patients who do not have enough time or desire short treatment, needles will stay for about 30 min

Fee for visit

For Kanto area

Up to 1 hour from Shibuya or Yokohama:  10000 yen (plus consumption tax)
Up to 2 hours from Shibuya or Yokohama:  20000 yen (plus consumption tax)

Please check the fee at the time of reservation, if it takes more than 2 hours.

Patients in other areas in Japan are welcome.  Cost for transportation and charge for the time to travel will be calculated.

In the case of chronic disease, many visits will be needed resulting high total cost.  By combining with self-care methods, the number of treatment can be reduced.

Regarding treatment outside of Japan, please check the local regulation.  If you do wish to receive treatment, please contact.  Other methods such as training to licensed practitioner in the area can be considered.

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