Treatment flow

As there is no “clinic” for patients to visit, medical doctor will visit patient’s home.  If you are staying at a hotel, doctor will visit the room at the hotel, but you have to get acknowledgement from hotel staff.  Dr. Koide has allergy to tobacco, therefore if the patient is a heavy smoker, or if the patient or family members regularly smoke in the room, that may cause a problem.  If that applies, please check when making appointment.  If the patient speaks other languages than English and Japanese, translator is necessary.  If the patient is female alone at home, female staff will accompany the medical doctor.

As this is a scalp acupuncture, treatment is only on head.  There is no restriction on clothing.

At the first visit, copy of license as medical doctor and other documents will be shown.  Also, briefing documents and consent form for YNSA treatment will be provided.

Start with taking medical history.  If you have visited hospital or clinic, and has lab tests and others, they will help.

Diagnose by touching arms around elbow, and neck.  Then by touching scalp very carefully, identify the points for needles.  The diameter of the needle is 0.25 mm.  The number of needles to use is usually 3 to 20, depend on type of symptoms and severity.

When needles are on your scalp, the doctor will answer any medical or health related questions, and provide advice as necessary.  The time for counseling will be 30 min to 2 hours depend on patient’s need.  In general, if you keep needles longer, you will have prolonged effect.

Needles will be removed, and check the condition.

Inserting needles does not cause pain so much.  More than half of the patients report that they could just feel something at needles.  There are some who did not feel anything.  There are some sensitive patients, and they complain pain.  In that case, much thinner needle will be used.

*This type of acupuncture has little side effects.  The only precaution is low blood pressure.  In general, acupuncture will dominate parasympathetic nerve, and tends to dilate blood vessels, causing low blood pressure.  This may be obvious in scalp acupuncture due to its posture during treatment.  If the patient has low blood pressure, some of them may experience temporary sickness by this treatment.  If that happens, treatment will be stopped and necessary care will be given.  To prevent this to happen, careful treatment will be done to patients with low blood pressure.

Also effect of alcohol will be increased by acupuncture treatment.  Please refrain from consuming excess amount of alcohol before and after acupuncture treatment.

If you do coloring of hair just after acupuncture treatment, that could cause allergic reaction as chemicals could go into the body.

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